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Mwanzo Upya Project

Mwanzo Upya Targets Those With The Greatest Level Of Need. Success For Us Is Seeing Families Move From Significant Poverty, To A Place Of Proper Nutrition, Education For Their Children, And Access To Healthcare.



Mwazo Upya Project is an empowerment program. We provide micro-loans to women so that they can grow their businesses and make more money for their families. Loans start at $50USD and can grow up to a maximum of $400USD. Using a 'Grameen-style' solidarity model women borrow from the program and guarantee the loans of other members. Starting at $50USD if the entire group repays, then they are eligible for another loan, larger than the last. Loans are to be used only for businesses. With the profits they make from their micro-businesses, loans are repaid, and the rest goes to improve the families well-being. Not only does this empower women to change their lives and the lives of their families through hard work, it allows the project to operate sustainably to ensure opportunity continues for other women in the future.

We work under the assumption that every woman has a skill. We simply provide the opportunity for women to do more with the abilities that they already have.

- Anthony Kasongo CGA Executive Director



  • 300 women currently borrowing with more that 2750 loans between them


  • 5,000+ family members directly impacted


  • 99.99% repayment rate with only 1 default to date


  • 10 full-time local jobs created at the project's 2 lending sites




Our impact studies show that as women move through Mwanzo Upya, in general there is... 


  • 17% increase in children attending school


  • 45% increase in household spending on food


  • 127% increase in women's weekly income


  • 128% increase in weekly savings

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