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Support Our Work

Support Our Work

The Kapopis Matumaini ... Make your choice and support our girls

Creative Activism

Creative Activism

In 2010 CGA joined OMB on the Washington Mall for A Global Movement for Connectedness, Collective Action

Services in Action

Services in Action

Our visit to D. R. Congo was fulfilled with the time spent with our girls...

CGA Lobbying Efforts

CGA Lobbying Efforts

CGA is working hard on the local and federal level to galvanize political will for change...


Not a day goes by when we do not find ourselves daydreaming; dreaming of community organizations; HIV testing centers; educational resources and children attending schools -- not local militia camps.  CGA dreams of a better Congo and this is how we will get there.


CGA Vision

CGA envisions communities throughout the Congo free of war, genocide and other forms of oppressions.  We see the Democratic Republic of Congo fully engaged in a democratic society where social justice and human rights are upheld impacting social norms, policy and daily life.


CAG Mission

CGA fight to enhance the quality of life for all Congolese genocide survivors. We lead positive social change and deliver value to survivors through information, advocacy and service.

Our programs are organized into three areas that we believe will change the Democratic Republic of Congo.


CGA's Program Areas:


Awareness: to form consciousness around the Congolese civil war and its consequences. CGA looks to connect the public to the truth on the civil wars’ aftermath while influencing international and domestic policies that relate to such realities/atrocities of war.


Advocacy: provide real opportunities to develop plans for action and engage local Congolese agencies who can advocate for our vision.


Services: to raise funds to sustain our programs and to specifically provide aid to specific projects that we believe stand true to our core principles and values.

Meet The Team

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Anthony Kasongo

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Executive Director - President 

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Dema Luyindula

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Chief Executive Officer 

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Daniel Kintu

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